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Victoria, Phil & Laura


8 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Hi Victoria,
    I met you I believe in 2010 in Las Vegas at Surfaces convention in a lecture you were giving about trend setting, kept my notes, was very intrigued.

  2. Hi Ilanit!
    Thank you for your comment. I’ve just visited your website and seen your lovely photos and Yes I rememeber you from Surfaces.
    I’ll be back at the show in Vegas with the team in January (in fact I am just about to send the plans for the 2013 Trends Hub through to the Hanley Wood team). Shelley & I will be presenting lectures and Tours of the show and preparations for that are well under way so we hope to see you in the audience again 🙂
    Please let me know when the Gallery page on your website goes live…I’d be very interested to see your work.

  3. Hi Victoria,
    I’m currently studying color design and setting up my own small business in colour consulting, here in Australia. I really enjoy reading your topics. I look forward to receiving any updates on the trends that you, and your team uncover. Good luck with your searching.

  4. Hi Ann – Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s great to know you enjoy our blog posts. We’ve added you to our Subscribers list so you’ll receive our newsletters. Best of luck with your colour consulting business. If you need to purchase a colour forecast to get you going then you know who to contact 😉

  5. Great to get your reply. What is included and the cost of the colour forecast you offer?

  6. Ann I’m going to ask Phil to drop you an email regarding your questions. He’ll be in touch this week 😉 – Victoria

  7. Hi Victoria – Though unable to attend your seminar at Design + Decor Melbourne, I did catch your Design On-Line and Video interviews. I would love to be added to your subscribers list and would be interested in knowing more about your trend forecasting products. Thank you – Fiona

  8. Thank you very much for your comment Fiona. We have added you to our subscribers list. We’ll be giving trend seminars at both the Sydney & Melbourne Decor + Design shows next year, so perhaps you’ll be able to attend in 2015. Phil is going to email you direct with information on our services and products. Welcome to the world of Scarlet Opus! Best wishes – Victoria

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