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Welcome to Scarlet Opus. I’m Victoria. There’s a lot to enjoy within the website and I encourage you to take a really good look around to find that something of value to you. It is here, waiting for you…

Scarlet Opus is my business. If you’ve got a couple of minutes let me tell you what we do and & what you can gain from us.

Would you like to know what your customers want tomorrow, next month, next year or the year after that?

We help you discover exactly that. Exactly the products & experiences your customers want in their future. Everything we do is tailored for youAll you have to do is invite my team to be one of your team. You’ll gain some of the most creative ideas ever to help you achieve more than you dream.

Scarlet Opus is the original interiors & home dedicated trend forecaster. A bespoke service tailored to fit just you. For more than a decade I’ve advised my clients about the future of consumer, business & design trends relating to residential & commercial interiors and home products. Clients in many sectors including manufacturing, retail, hotels, product & interior design, restaurants & architecture.

Working for you, we’ll identify the trends that will be right for your product development. Making sure that you not only meet your customers future desires; but also that you gain sustainable growth & a long term competitive edge. We’re stunningly good at it.

Knowledge of the future will solve many business challenges for you.

  • Increase sales of your product/service
  • Build brand awareness
  • Reach new markets & customers.
  • Develop the right new products, or re-jeuvenate slow selling ones.
  • Write stunning PR & Marketing articles that will command attention for you. 

One very happy client of ours says ”What’s coming? Why? What will our customers want in their kitchens and their homes?  It’s enough to wake you up in cold sweat!  It would be easy to dismiss trend prediction, indeed I’ve heard competitors talk it down.  Great, if they aren’t interested, we are and I’ve never known Scarlet Opus get a trend wrong, they think hard about how and if a trend relates to us…”

Many people ask me “Why Scarlet Opus?” The answer; it fitted what we are and who I am; ‘Scarlet’ – the most passionate of colours; we’re passionate about our work (the Red in Redshaw was just a bonus!). ‘Opus’ refers to an artistic masterpiece, one’s greatest work.

I’m proud of my team. We LOVE our work. Our enthusiasm, commitment, energy & dedication will shine through in everything we do for you! Email now, or call +44 1482 870360 & discover for yourself the power of our support for you.

I wish you a happy, successful and informed future.


Scarlet Opus Registered Office: 33 Harrison Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 2AF  VAT No. 894 8503 74  |  Reg No. 06246744

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